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Jack for Short - Download It

How to enjoy Videographs...

It is best to have a high-speed connection such as cable or DSL.

Click the images only once to play the video. Videos may take a few seconds to begin playing, so just relax and enjoy.

To pause a videograph while it is in progress, click it once. To begin playing again, double-click. To replay a videograph once it has completed, double-click it.

If the videographs will not play just use the "Download It" link next to the videograph's name. Option-click on Macintosh; Right-click, Save Target As on Windows.

Important Tips!

  • ActiveX must be active for embedded playing (Windows Only)
  • Quicktime must be up-to-date

Get QuickTime

Special thanks to Roger Howard for his valuable advice and assitance in making video possible on this site.