1. St. Simons Island
  2. Brunswick
  3. Jekyll Island

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St. Simons History


(For those who wish to study the various historic eras in more detail, here are a few suggested books. This is not a complete bibliography. These and many other titles may be found on the shelves of the local bookstores and libraries.)

I. The Island and the Indians

1. Count D. Gibson, Sea Island of Georgia, University of Georgia Press, 1948.

2. National Geographic Magazine, "Sea Island", March, 1971 pp. 366-393.

3. Mildred & John Teal, Portrait of an Island, Antheneum, N.Y. 1964, (the land and wildlife of a Sea Island-specifically about Sapelo Island.)

The Spanish Missions

I. John Tate Lanning, The Spanish Missions of Georgia, University of N.C. Press 1935.

2. Margaret Davis Cate, Our Todays and Yesterdays, Reprint Company, Spartensburg, S.C. 1979, from 1930edition.

III. The English Period

I. Trevor R. Reese, Frederica Colonial Fort and Town, Ft. Frederica Assn., 1969.

2. Frances L. Mitchell, Georgia Land and People, University of Georgia, 1900, Reprint Company, Spartensburg, S.C. 1974.

IV. Early Plantation Era

1. Caroline Couper Lovell, The Golden Isles of Georgia, 1932.

2. Eugenia Price, Lighthouse, (an historical novel), Lippincott 1971.

3. Frances Anne Kemble ("Fanny" Kemble), Journal of a Residence on a Georgia Plantation 1838-1839, Reprint Knopf, 1961.

4. Bessie Lewis, Patriarchial Plantations of St. Simons Island 1974.

5. Burnette Vanstory, Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles, University of Georgia Press, 1956.

V. Plantations in Maturity and Decline

1. Margaret Davis Cate, Early Days of Coastal Georgia, Fort Frederica Association, Gallery Press, N.Y. 1955.

2 Mrs. Frances B. Leigh (daughter of Fanny Kemble), Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation Since the War, London 1883, Reprinted Negro University Press, N.Y. 1969.

3. Eugenia Price, New Moon Rising (an historical novel) Lippincott, 1969.

Vl.Old Mill Days 1874- 1908

1. Abbie Fuller Graham, Old Mill Days, by the St. Simons Public Library, 1976.

2. Eugenia Price, The Beloved Invader, (an historical novel), Lippincott, 1965.

Vll. Early Resort Days

1. Articles and newspaper clippings reprinted in the scrapbook of the St. Simons Library, included in Fuller, Old Mill Days referred to above.

2. Frances Peabody McKay, More Fun than Heaven (about the Waycross Colony), Valkyrie Press, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Vlll. Later Resort Days

1. Harold H. Martin, This Happy Isle, (the story of Sea Island) 1978.

2. Opening Program Brunswick-St. Simons Highway, July 11, 1924, Official program by Womens Club of Brunswick.

3. Newspaper articles about the Causeway opening. Reprinted in Old Mill Days, the library scrapbook referred to above.

4. Anthony Hearn, Epworth-hy-the-Sea, "The Early Years'' Archives of History, South Georgia Conference, United Methodist Church, 1980.

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