1. St. Simons Island
  2. Brunswick
  3. Jekyll Island

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St. Simons History


This book is written for the person who would like to read a simple, accurate account of the various historic periods of St. Simons Island, Georgia. There have been many fine books of history already written, each of which has its importance. Some describe the entire coastal area of Georgia and the past of each of the islands. For the new reader of island history, however, the reading of so many accounts tends to be confusing. Other histories give major attention to one period of time, or one event, or one place. This is valuable for a study in depth, but for the visitor or casual reader, it is probably more than he wants to know.

Furthermore, it is also easy for the new reader to become confused. Since names are similar in different generations and families of the island intermarry and also sell land to each other, one important event may be in an entirely different time period than another.

This writing is my effort, after reading the various histories, to "sort it out", so that the visitor, the new resident, or the person with an awakened interest in our historic past can quickly read an outline story of St. Simons Island, Georgia.

It is my hope that the reader will become so interested in one or more of these historic periods, that he or she will go to various books which cover the period or event in greater depth.

Life on this island will be much more interesting if you know who lived here before, what they did, why it was important. There is no place the size of this little island which has had any more varied and interesting past than this island to which you visit or on which you live. May this writing lead to your fuller appreciation of it.

I express sincere thanks to Mrs. Mildred Frazier, president of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society, to Mrs. Betty Bryde, curator of the Methodist Museum at Epworth-by-the Sea, and to others, who have evaluated this manuscript and made helpful suggestions.

R. Edwin Green

St. Simons Island, Georgia 1982

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