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Liberty Ships

Liberty Ship at Sea

During the Second World War, The J.A. Jones Construction Company assembled Liberty Ships at the southern tip of the Brunswick peninsula. These Liberty ships transported supplies to soldiers in the European and Pacific theatres. in December 1944, the shipyard employees constructed seven ships in one month, setting an unbroken record. Working on Christmas Day for no pay, this accomplishment was no small feat as the facility only contained berths for six ships undergoing construction. Remains of the berths are visible at low tide from the Sidney Lanier Bridge.

Commendation to J. A. Jones Construction Company

Liberty Ship at Port

The J.A. Jones Construction Company received a letter of commendation from the crew of the U.S.S. POMPON for working on Christmas Day for no pay. Below, is a representation of the letter, but you may see an image of the actual letter online as well.

                                       U.S.S. POMPON (SS267)
                                       Care of Fleet Post Office
                                       San Francisco, California
                                       27 December 1944

  The J. A. Jones
  Construction Company
  Brunswick, Georgia

            The undersigned, members of this sunmarine crew,
  operating "somwhere in the Pacific", sincerely appreciate
  the efforts shown by your employees in speeding victory by
  volunteering to work on Christmas Day, without compensation.
            We believe that this kind of support will bring
  the men out here home quicker, to spend future holidays
  with their families and loved ones.

                               Crew of the U.S.S. POMPON.

                 (Signatures appeared here)



Commision Medal

Commision Medal

Maritime commision medal awarded to employees of the J.A. Jones Shipyard. Courtesy of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

Merchant Marine Dog Tags

United States Merchant Marine dog tags belonging to Ellis Bessels and Frederick Clark, both of Brunswick. Merchant marines manned liberty ships during each voyage through the end of the war.

Dog Tags

Liberty Ship Related Pins

Victory USMM Eagle

Launching the S.S. Crawford

Launching of S.S. George W. Crawford

Launching of S.S. George W. Crawford. Mrs. J.M. Aiken, Sponsor.
Location: 802 London Street, Brunswick, Georgia.
Date: January 1, 1944.
Photograph by Harold J. Terhune

Photographs at the Berths

Dry Docked Ship
Ship Leaving Dock