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Sidney Lanier


Sidney Lanier Brunswick, Georgia

While recuperating from tuberculosis, Sidney Lanier spent several months of 1874 with family in Brunswick. He spent a great deal of time looking out over the marshes that separate Brunswick from the barrier islands. This view inspired his famous poem "Marshes of Glynn" which was published in 1878. The tree under which he sat while writing this tribute is referred to as Lanier's Oak. Located on US Highway 17, Lanier's Oak sits in Overlook Park and provides an inspiring location to sit and ponder Lanier's line "a world of marsh that borders a world of sea."

If you continue south on Highway 17, you will cross the Lanier Bridge that spans Turtle River. It is one of the oldest operating lift bridges in America and was completed in 1956.

It was replaced, however, with a suspension bridge that was scheduled for completion, amongst other dates, in 2002. The new bridge opened in 2004. As you cross the bridge, you can see Quarantine Island and the building bays used during World War Two to construct Liberty Ships.

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