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ARCO Factory Village

ca 1920. In the early 1920s, the Atlantic Refining Company built a planned company village just north of Brunswick’s city limits on U.S. Highway 341. Within the grid patterned village are four residential streets that stem off of the main road- Ross Drive. The village school, church and company administration building are located on Ross Drive. On the south side of ARCO are the Palmetto and Greenwood Cemeteries that contain historic tombstones and are still in use today. There are three types of construction for the residential cottages within the village. One is a two-story, side gabled variation; another is the small front gable bungalow; and the third type is a larger front gable bungalow. All of the cottages are of frame construction with paired windows and cast concrete piers. Although the houses were constructed similarly, the neighborhoods were segregated. Located along Magnolia Street was the neighborhood for African American employees of the factory. There was a segregated school in the area. All of the cottages on Magnolia Street are small front gable bungalows. Another section of the village just southwest of the main site of the cottages is an area of independently built homes. This neighborhood probably housed the foreman, superintendents and other staff members.

The old factory building has served the community in a variety of fashions. It has been converted into a church, a winery and then an antique mall.

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