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Crane Cottage

375 Riverview Drive

Jekyll Island GA 31527


Crane Cottage Solterra

Crane Cottage (20 rooms; 17 baths) was built in 1916 by Richard Crane of Crane Company at a cost of $500,000.

Solterra, the island home of Frederick Baker, New York banker, was on the site until it burned in 1910. On March 20, 1899, President and Mrs. William McKinley and the PresidentŐs mentor, Senator Mark Hanna of Ohio, were guests at Solterra. Veiled in secrecy, their visit to Jekyll Island was made to plan McKinleyŐs political future.

At Solterra Andrew Carnegie was honored at an elaborate banquet. Among the guests were Joseph Pulitzer, J.P. Morgan, the elder, William Rockefeller, George F. Baker.

Crane Cottage

1917. After Frederick BakerŐs Solterra was burned, Richard Teller Crane, Jr. erected the Crane Cottage. It is the largest residence built by a member of the Club. It was designed in the style of 16th century Italian villas and incorporated 17 bathrooms. This 2-story home has many features including arches, tile roof, and vaulted ceilings. It is in the Jekyll Island Club Historic District and is located at 375 Riverview Drive across from Faith Chapel.

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