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Battle of Gully Hole Creek

Georgia Historical Marker:

Battle of Gully Hole Creek. During the late morning of July 7, 1742 Georgia Rangers guarding the military road approach to the town of Frederica sighted a force of over 100 Spanish soldiers and their Indian allies. James Edward Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia, quickly organized a force composed of the Highland Independent Company, Rangers and Indian friends and courageously led the assault on the Spanish at a place near this marker. The fighting was fierce and lasted almost one hour as Frederica's defenders routed their invaders. Spanish losses numbered more than one-third of their force. One Spanish captain was killed and another was captured in the intense fighting. Oglethorpe's losses were light. Although this battle was brief, it turned out to be the heaviest fighting of the St. Simons Island campaign. Oglethorpe's victory settled the question over ownership of this disputed territory between Spain and Great Britain. It also signaled the end of Frederica's existence since its regiment was disbanded in 1749.

063-42 Erected by Governor Zell Miller 1992

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