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Georgia Historical Marker:


During World War II, the J.A. Jones Construction Company operated a plant approx. 1 mile south of this point on Brunswick's waterfront. Between 1942 and 1944, a skilled labor force of over 16,000 men and women worked in service to the Allied war effort, producing 99 steel vessels for the U.S. Merchant Marines. These vessels served as both cargo and troop carriers, and their reputation for keeping vital supply lines open earned them the name of "Liberty Ships."

Each month, dedicated shipyard workers produced four of these 447-foot, 3500-ton steel vessels. During December, 1944, with the "Battle of the Bulge" raging in Europe, the Navy requested six ships. In response, these determined patriots built an astounding seven "Liberty Ships".

The J.A. Jones Construction Company and the people they employed in Brunswick's shipyards came to symbolize the patriotic duty and tireless efforts of America's wartime home front.

Area: Brunswick, Georgia Location: Mary Ross Park. Intersection of Bay and Gloucester Streets.

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