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Thomas Stone

Thomas Stone was white. In 1782 he was elected as a representative from Chatham County to the Commons House of Assembly. He gave material aid and support to the cause of the colonies in the Revolutionary War. During the war he had his land and slaves taken by the British and a price put on his head because he was the "Rebel Counsillor" to the Sons of Liberty and fled to Savannah, Ga. There he owned plantations and ran a coffee house on Factors Walk. In this coffee house he and others formed the charter for the first public college, called the University of Georgia.

After the war, Thomas was on the "Georgia Roll of Honor", formerly called by the King "The 153 Most Abhorred" with death by hanging if caught.

He married Mrs. Elizabeth Chubb, widow of Thomas Chubb of St. Simons, Ga. on 19 May 1799 in Glynn County, Ga. He died in 1806.

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