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Ghosts of Ebo Landing

St. Simons Island GA 31522

At Ebo's Landing, where slaves were once brought ashore along Dunbar Creek, the leader of the Nigerian Igbos tribe led his people into the waters of the creek rather than submit to slavery, and if you listen carefully, you can still hear the slaves singing their song of freedom, "The sea brought me and the sea will take me home."

Tradition has it that during St. Simons Island's plantation era, many slaves were brought ashore along Dunbar Creek. It was here that the members of the Ibgos (pronounced e-bo, the "g" is silent) - a proud and noble tribe from Nigeria, were brought ashore. The manacled tribesmen followed their chief into the muddy waters of Dunbar Creek, rather than submit to a life of slavery. Eminating from the marsh, it is reported that one may hear the unsettling sounds of chains rattling, and voices chanting, "The sea brought me and the sea will take me home," in their native African tongue.

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