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G P Cellulose


Mindy Overly, public affairs manager, GP Cellulose, LLC

GP Cellulose, LLC, operates state-of-the-art pulp mills in Brunswick, Georgia, and in New Augusta, Mississippi. In addition to three sales subsidiaries in the US, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. We annually ship over 1.4 million tonnes of fluff, market, and filter pulps to customers around the world.

GP Cellulose, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc., and owns two state-of-the-art pulp mills in Brunswick, Ga, and in New Augusta, Miss. These mills produce fluff, market and filter pulps.

GP Cellulose pulps are used for a variety of applications. Golden Isles&tm; fluff and filter pulps are used for absorbent applications including diapers and feminine hygiene products, baby wipes and other disposable wipes, filter applications such as automotive and coffee filters and tea bags. Southern softwood pulps, including Leaf River 90® are used for all types of paper products, including fine writing and printing papers, computer and copy paper, coffee filters, postage stamps and calendars.

BlueYellow&tm; Engineered Turf System is an innovative new turf establishment product with applications for golf & turf, professional landscaping and homeowners.

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