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Blythe Island Regional Park Boat Ramp

6616 Blythe Island Highway

Brunswick GA 31523

(912) 279-2812

Wi-Fi, Gas/Oil, Electric Hoist, L/D Bait, Ice, Camping, drink machines

The swimming area closes sometimes due to alligators and bacteria. Call ahead. SCUBA is allowed during bacterial closures. Policy on SCUBA is unclear during alligator closures.

The bacterial levels in the swimming area are due to a combination of goose feces in the lake, lack of rain, and evaporation due to excessive heat.

Former location of:

Glynco NAS radar station used for coast watching during WWII.

Citizens Conservation Corp training facility. Forestry and Timber Management. Numerous building foundations can be found in the woods including a hand dug, concrete pool. It is best to walk along Foxtrot and look into the woods when the sun is high in the sky.


7/26/2006 - Swimming area closed due to bacterial levels. No snack machine.

8/5/2006 - Swimming area is open. Spotted an armadillo. It ran away. They are much faster than I thought possible. It ran and jumped like a rabbit.

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