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"Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree"

Lyrics, MIDI, and more.

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Tony Orlando and Dawn

In 1973 Tony Orlando and Dawn made Irwin Jesse Levine's song, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree" the number one hit. Supposedly, the song is about a man who was returning to Brunswick, Georgia after a three year prison stint. The editor of Project Oaktree says this:

"I'm still looking into it, but I asked my mother about this legend. She told me that my grandmother had told her the very same story during the seventies. Even if it's not true, the song is wonderful and deserves a page dedicated to it. Every time I hear it I am deeply touched."

Sylvester Stallone starred in Universal's, "Yellow Handkerchief" (1998), the big-screen adaptation of the story based on the song.

The song became an unofficial anthem of the nation during the Iran hostage crisis. Irwin Jesse Levine, who wrote the song, died of kidney failure, January 21 (what year is still uncertain) at age 58.

Let's Start With Lyrics.

I'm comin' home, I've done my time Now I've got to know what is and isn't mine If you received my letter telling you I'd soon be free Then you'll know just what to do If you still want me If you still want me

CHORUS Whoa, tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree It's been three long years Do ya still want me? (still want me) If I don't see a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree I'll stay on the bus Forget about us Put the blame on me If I don't see a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree

Bus driver, please look for me 'cause I couldn't bear to see what I might see I'm really still in prison And my love, she holds the key A simple yellow ribbon's what I need to set me free I wrote and told her please


Now the whole damned bus is cheerin' And I can't believe I see A hundred yellow ribbons 'round the ole oak tree

I'm comin' home, mmm, mmm

(Tie a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree) (Tie a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree) (Tie a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree)


(Tie a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree) (Tie a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree) (Tie a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree)

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